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MR20-1SP Desktop Fractional RF Skin Rejuvenation System

Item No.: MR20-1SP
Description:1. Desktop Fractional RF Skin Rejuvenation System 2. Specially designed fractional RF matrix, easy to control, agile adjustable 3. Superficial fractional RF hand stick hand bar 4. The allocation of replaceable type RF point array work head 5. RF energy fine adjustable 6. 8 inch true color liquid crystal display output and input system 7. Configuration sellers market plan management system 8. Non invasive non-surgical ,non-invasive procedure ,no surgery ,no scarring 9. Safety and high efficiency 10. Long-lasting skin-tightening effects 11. Precise and symmetrical gird positioning technology
Product Description


Aging affects us all – the way we act, the way we feel, and definitely the way we look. But with advancements in skin care, you can have a say in the way aging affects your skin – and maybe even get back to the way you looked not so long ago. Thermagic is a proven, unique radio frequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel. Thermagic works in just one treatment with little down time and delivers a natural looking result. It’s you, just younger looking and more confident.
Treatment theory
What is Thermagic and How Does it Works?
Thermagic is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that helps tighten and shapes your skin in a single treatment with no surgery, no injections, and little to no down time. Loose skin has lax collagen. Thermagic works by stimulating your body's collagen. This creates a subtle, natural looking results. Thermagic makes your skin tighter, smoother and softer. Wrinkles are softened leaving you with an overall younger looking appearance. Are you beginning to show wrinkling and signs of aging? Do you hate the idea of invasive surgery? Now you have non-invasive options.
Thermagic works by the use of radio frequency. This frequency is safe and warms the deepest layers of the skin thus stimulating collagen which lies in the dermal layer. As we age the collagen becomes lax causing the overlying epidermis to sag. The warming of the collagen by the radio frequency energy of Thermagic kick starts the collagen to revitalize. Thermagic gives your skin that healthy youthful resilience after one treatment! 
Specially designed fractional RF matrix, applied to Superficial Fractional RF System, controlled by digital motor, 
can orderly penetrate epidermis and dermis to accurately arrive the controlled skin depth, and strongly stimulate  
collagen and elastic tissues without any burning damages to the epidermal layer. 
The RF energy can well penetrate into the dermis layer, stimulate regeneration of collagen, soften, contract and 
decompose local fat tissues, so as to achieve long-term effects of skin lifting, wrinkle removal and scars improvement.
1. Non-surgical, high safety
2. Easy to control
3. Lasting effect 
4. One treatment will be effective, no recovery period. 
5. Replaceable SRF working heads (big, middle, small)
6. Mature and stable 8 inches color liquid crystal display screen
7. RF energy directly penetrate into target area to get maximum treatment effect
8. Tear open outfit of the host machine and support frame
1. Smooth skin
2. Shrink pores
3. Remove deep wrinkles, acnes, pigmentation, acne marks & stretch marks
4. anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, anti-hair loss
5. Improve unfirm skin problems of each part of the body (including face, head, breast, back, waist, belly, hip,arms and legs.)

Thermagic is effective on:

  • The Eyes – hooding,fine lines and even our brow line can make us look worn-down. Thermagic treats the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more youthful and rested
  • The Face – as we age, phrases like “turkey neck”, loose jowls, sagging skin and “what happened to my jawline?” creep in. Thermagic smooths lines and wrinkles and remodels collagen for the overall health of the skin
  • The Body – aging doesn’t just affect the skin on our faces, our bodies see the effects too, with crepey, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples. Thermagic is a non-invasive way to smooth the skin on our bodies and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite.

1. One treatment, save time and energy
One treatment a year can achieve effects of wrinkle removal, skin lifting, skin rejuvenation and so on. One treatment, 
lasting effects. Best effects can be seen after 6 months.
2. Accurate positioning, balanced comprehensive treatment Using stickers with herbs, accurate positioning, balanced 
treatment wavelength, activate the growthfactor and collagen in every corner of full face.
3. Non-invasive, no side-effects
No surgery or injection, non-invasive light effects, non-invasive and high efficacy, effects can be equal to surgical skin lifting.
4. High energy and frequency, maximum efficacy
One vibration as much as 6 million times, one treatment effect is 7-8 times of other beauty machines.
Obvious effects of skin improvement, facial and eye skin lifting.
5. Effects can be up to 10 years
One treatment can make sustained growth period of collagen up to 1 year. Half a year is the highest peak of growing 
period and growing ability are maximizely stimulated. Effects lasts for a long time and it can be up to 10 
6. Non-affecting work
Short period of treatment, about 40 minutes can be finished, no recovery period after treatment, non- affecting
work and life. It’s the international supreme authority anti-aging system.

How thermagic treatment fit:
Thermagic is for when you want to tackle the effects of aging on your skin.  You want to look younger and you want real results – but don’t want the overly drastic change or extended downtime that comes with surgery.  Thermagic fits into any lifestyle and your current beauty regimen:

  • A single treatment that delivers results
  • Non-invasive and clinically proven to be safe
  • Minimal downtime, so it’s easy to fit into your routine
  • Real change you just can’t get from lotions and creams
  • Targeted, effective treatment that can help address the signs of aging on many areas of the body
Technical Parameters: 
Product Name fractional RF machine MR20-1SP
Technology Used fractional RF
Color white as picture showing
Handle 1 piece
Dot matrix RF tips 3 pieces
Three different size for different area(eyes, face, body)
Display screen:   8 inches color LCD
Power <80w
Output frequency 5MHZ
Output wavelength PDT 650nm
Automatic modes: 6 modes
Manual mode range: 1000ms-3000ms
Dimension 46cm*32cm*100cm
Package Size: 56cmX43cmX137cm
N.W 11kgs
Ambient temperature -40~50 degree
Relative humidity range <93%
Certification CE
Usage skin rejuvenation
Voltage: AC220V±10%/50Hz

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