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4S01&4S02 Magic Mirror Professional Skin Analyzer

Item No.: 4S01
Description:1.Magic Mirror Professional Skin Analyzer 2.Tri-Spectrum skin diagnosis system-RGB /UV/ PL Facial skin analyzer 3.Latest update version 4.Imported Canon camara with 15 mega pixels 5.Windows OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/7 6.User friendly,easy to operate 7.Desktop, easy to carry 8.Moisture Measurement Meter(optional) 9.CE approved 8.Receipt Printer/Pos Printer(optional)
Product Description
Tri-Spectrum Magic Mirror System is one of our higher gear type products. The system is equipped with three lighting sources: RGB standard white light source / PL polarized light source / UV ultraviolet light source and 15 mega pixel professional digital camera. It can take high resolution RGB / PL / UV photos and facilitate comparative analysis.
Tri-Spectrum Magic Mirror allows a user to control both hardware & software easily. This advanced technology proves to be user friendly.
Therefore, Tri-Spectrum Magic Mirror System with a more advanced technology could be widely applied to beauty hospital, medical institutions and high-level beauty salon and cosmetics companies, which can easily demonstrate actual skin condition and develop more targeted treatment programs, quickly show the effective improvements by pre-treatment and after-treatment, and track treatment progress. 

1. It’s a computerized facial skin analysis with a user friendly design.
2. New medical grade skin analyzer has unique RGB, PL polarized light and UV light
3. Unique RGB / UV photo shot system.
4. Due to special controlling changer system, resulting in no loss of RGB and high precision UV photography.
5. Automatic location
6. Real-time preview + dual pictures display.
7. 15 Mega pixels high resolution CCD.
8. Powerful PC software for automatic precise analysis.
9. Before and after contrast, easy to compare.
10. Full kinds of reports, can be printed out to file
11. Customer files and test records keeping.
12. Provide a full range of professional customer management software
13. Unique moisture detective function
Safety of the UV spectrum
1.The 4RSM magic mirror system adopts UV which is only half intensity in sunshine day
2.Themagic mirror system adopt of the UV wave band is a healthy UVA long wave, not harmful UVB short-wave.
3.Themagic mirror system adopt of the synchronous UV flash lighting system and flash speed up to 1/160s.

Model No.: 4S02

 Technical Specifications
Item No.: 4S01/4S02 Specifications
Magic Mirror System
Illumination (RGB) 8,800 Lux
Fluorescent tube life ≥9000 h
Color temperature 7200 K
AC Violet 100-110 V/60Hz or 220-240V/50Hz
1/1.8’’ CCD Digital Camera (Inside),Canon
Max Resolutions 3264x2448  
USB 2.0 Port
Video output (NTSC)
3:4 Preview Out
Rating Power 80W
Size 45CM*39CM*52CM(Model No.:4S01)
65.5CM*55.5CM*70.5CM(Model No.:4S02)
Weight 10kg(Model No.:4S01)
25.5kgs(Mode No.:4S02)
Windows OS Windows XP/Windows Vista/7 

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