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VT-PA1 Table Woods Lamp

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Description:1.Portable,easy to take 2.Easy operation 3.2pcs 6W UV tubes 4.4pcs 10W UV tubes 5.ABS moulded 6.affortable and cost effective 7.high investment return
Product Description
A breakthrough in skin analyzerthe VT-PA1 will allow the client and esthetician to recognize and diagnose skin problems together. The VT-PA1employs a long-wave ultraviolet light that causes problem areas on the skin to be illuminated as different colors.  This device has been used in the medical field for countless years to aid in the diagnosis of skin disorders and is safe for the skin and eyes.  With this visual representation of where the problem areas are or may occur, the esthetician can easier communicate to the client the benefits of proper skin treatment and care.
1) Easy operation.
2) Does not require a darkroom.
3)2 X’s magnifying glass allows for complete illumination and observation of the clients face.
4) Internal exhaust fan allows for continuous use.
Operation steps
1)Place the machine on a table or cart that is at eye level.
2)Lift up the skirted door all the way to the top and turn on the machine.
3)Be sure the skin is clean and place the clients head under the skirt.  Be sure the skirt covers the entire clients head down to the shoulders.  The skirt allows the VT-PA1 to be used without a darkroom.  Be sure to adjust the mirror to the proper angle.
4)Be sure to examine the client’s entire face and keep a detailed record to insure proper treatment.  Refer to the color chart for analysis.
5)Turn on the machine and test begin
6)The cosmetologist can see the client's face via view window, and contrast  the clients' skin color with the card as I show you in the attachment. Cosmetologist will analyze the clients’ skin problem.
Turn off unit after use.  When not in use be sure to tuck the skirt into the machine. 

When you close the door,
First step: press the hinge downward as the red  arrow show in the picture. Then the hinge will get loosen. 
Second step: after the two hinges getting loosen, put the cloth/skirting inside the skin analyzer. Then you can close the door.
Size of the machine:( L*W*H) 33*24*49CM
Packing size:(L*W*H) 41*32*57CM  
N.W.: 8kg 
G.W.: 8.6kg
Voltage: 110v/220v,50HZ/60HZ
Watts: 55W
Fuse: 1A
Output voltage: 12V
Wavelength: 365nm.
Material of the box: ABS
Material of view window: glass
Material of mirror: glass
View window: 2*Magnification
Bulbs: Rated 3000-5000hrs
6W  UV Lamps : 2 Pieces
10W UV Lamps: 4 Pieces 

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