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VT-PA2B Boxy Skin & Hair Analyzer

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Description:1.LCD display skin&hair analysis machine 2.No need to connect PC or TV 3.ABS-moulded 4.frame-freeze function 5.50 times lens for skin testing 6.200times lens for hair testing 7.High Definition
Product Description

With the LCD skin&Hair Analysis Machine held by hand during an exam, the professionals can touch  any object or surface, such as skin, scalp or hair to view a live color video image on a screen or take a photo for the situation by frame-freeze function, and present it to clients simultaneously.
Just by touching customers with the internally lit lens tip, the system instantly focuses, illuminates, and magnifies their skin/hair situation to the screen. The professionals will be able to clearly eva luate the hair or skin condition and Customers will be educated and better prepared to take action with recommended products or services.

The system brings a high definition illustration in hand-held camera microscopes and is simple to use with two magnification at 50x and 200x. It suits for skin, scalp and hair examinations.

1. Analyzing the skin and hair condition of the following situations: such as the damage, nutribution along with skin oil ,normal,dry ,dark and so on skin and hair types,etc.
2. Very convenient for beautician to carry it .
 3. The result is accurate by high definition camara which is specialized in the analysis of skin or hair quality,oil, moisture and nutrition,then beautician can take the right teatment to care the skin or hair according to the result of before and after!

• Simple and highly effective way to show clients the condition of their hair or scalp
• The live image motivates clients to act on problem areas
• Most affordable and simple model perfect for any hair care professional
• Results of hair care treatments can be easily reviewed over multiple client visits to ensure effectiveness or alter treatment.

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 220V±10%, 110V±10%
Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz
Electric current: 1.25A  
Power: 15W  
Working voltage: 12V
7inch LCD touch screen
Lens: 50X(for skin testing); 200X(for hair testing) 
Meas. of package: 31cm*12cm*24cm
G.W: 2kgs  


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