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VT-PA3 Handheld Woods Lamp

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Description:1.small size,easy to take 2.Identify customer skin types 3.Inspects & diagnoses skin and supply proper skin care treatments 4.Easy to operatate and with active cover 5.4pcs UV tubes
Product Description

The wood lamp is used by the esthetician to help analyze skin conditions. Different substances become luminous when exposed to the deep violet rays of the wood lamp analyzing the surface and deeper layers of skin in a totally dark room. The violet rays then  enable esthetician to observce various skin conditions. It has good effect to clinical diagnosis and suit beauty palor and cosmetic shop.

Following are some examples of skin conditions and how they appear under the woods lamp. 


woods lamp indication Skin condition
White fluorescence
Thick conium layer
White spots
Horniness layer of the skin and dead cells
Blue white
Normal and healthy skin
Purple fluorescence
Thin skin without enough moisture
Light violet
Dehydrated skin 
Bright fluorescence
Hydrated skin
Yellow or sometimes pink Oily areas and acne-prone skin 
Brown Pigmentation and dark spots

1.After cleansing skin, cover clients eyes with wet cotton.
2.Secure cover shade to woods lamp.
3.Completely cover client's face with cover shade.  The woods lamp should be parallel to clients face with distance of 15~20cm.
4.Identify different skin characteristics by appearances of different colors under the ultraviolet rays. 
5.Press the green-button for about 2 secouds.the lamp will lighten.
6.Press the green –button again to shut off the lamp.
7.Different colors on the skin mean different problems . 

Technical Parameters
Voltage: 220V±10%;110V±10%
Frequency:50Hz/ 60HZ   
Inner carton: 33cm* 7.5cm * 21 cm, 1pc/ctn., G.W:1.5KG, N.W:1KG.
Outer carton: 45cm* 36cm * 46 cm, 10pcs/ctn., G.W:15KG, N.W:12KG 

Note: The woods lamp should not be allowed to overheat, and direct contact with the bulb and skin should be avoided

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