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D1 Digital LED Display Diamond Dermabrasion

Item No.: D1
Description:1.Digital LED Display Diamond Dermabrasion 2.Desktop,easy to carry 3.3pcs dermabrasion wands 4.9pcs replaceable diamond dermabrasion tips suit for different parts/treatments 5.User friendly control panel with digital LED display 6.Popular in diamond dermabrasion series 7.Cost effective 8.High return in investment
Product Description
 D1 Diamond Dermabrasion skin rejuvenation device is a professional high-tech diamond dermabrasion beauty equipment. It’s a quick, safe and efficient skin renewal technique through shallowly physical polishing with the diamonds of different sizes. It not only has the most professional diamond dermabrasion technique, but also has the most high-end and humanized control panel design.
With the diamond grains in derma-tips, D1 DERMABRASION MACHINE with 9pcs replaceable derma-tips, through vacuum suction, grind the dead horniness and dirt out from epidermis, improve skin status, effectively decrease tiny wrinkles, smoothen some scar like acne and uneven surface of skins. It makes skin more velvet and tender, stimulate epidermis rebirth, enhance skins elastic.
It is the safest, most effective way of physical skin renewal.
1. Remove the aging cuticle, clear dirt pores, fade whelk and acne scars;
2. Detoxin, improve dark skin, and remove edema.
3. Reduce tattoo pigmentation, obesity pattern and stretch marks.
4. Improve dull, rough, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and skin spots.
5. Remove body's aging cutin, and smooth skin.
6. Promote lymphatic drainage and accelerate cells’ self-repairing capability.
7. Improve nourishing products absorption
Recommended Vacuum Intensity on Treated Area
&Treatment Schedule Table 

Treatment Area Normal Skin(in Hg)
Sensitive Skin
(in Hg)
Face 12-22 8-12
Forehead 12-22 10-12
Chest 15-20 15-18
Nose 10-15 10-14
Neck 18-18 10-15
Near Eye Area 8-12 8-10

Treatment Frequency (days) Total Visits
Face Peeling 6-10 3-5
Fine Lines 7-13 6-8
Neck 12-14 3-5
Acne Scars 7-12 8-10
Hyper-pigmentation 7-12 8-10
Technical Parameters:
Voltage 220-240v/50Hz;100v-120v/60Hz
Power 45w
Package Size 35*28*25
G.W.(kg) 4.5
Certificate CE
Diamond Dermabrasion without Digital LED Display/ Model No.: D2

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