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VT-M01 Handheld Home Use No Needle Mesotherapy Machine

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Description:1.Mini design for family & traveling using 2. Easy learn easy operation 3.Finish skin care in mins 4.No needles, no pain, no blooding
Product Description
Home use mesotherapy machine uses the electrophoresis technique, easily opens the protein channels, penetrates into cells membrane through hair follicle, sweat glands and cutin layer to promote skin metabolism and blood circulation. It can concentrate quickly highly. No-Needle Mesotherapy active substance directly penetrates into deep-seated skin layer. The active substance will stay in lymph system about 1200 hours, which makes the valid absorption ratio higher over 2000 times.
Electophoresis technique: Under the function of the electrophoresis field, the cells membrane temporarily appear microporous physics process, as a result, the inner and outer molecules of cells exchange more obviously, it benefits to the cells absorb all kinds of medicines, gene substances, collagen and other large molecules. After the electric field cancellation, the micro pores will be close and no any influence to the cells.
1. Cellulite reduction
2. Skin whitening and skin lifting
3. Skin rejuvenation
4. Wrinkles removal
5. Facial slimming
6. Acne removal
7. Moisturizing
8. Promote products absorption

1. Innovative technologies: use of the principles of electroporation and electro-osmosis
2. High absorption rate: Nutrition absorption rate as high as 99%
3. Pain-free effect: The treatment process is completely painless, does not change the mechanism of the skin, supporting the natural active substances.
4. More treatment areas and treatment functions: The face, neck, chest, waist, buttocks, legs can be used for, supporting the effectiveness of many products, such as whitening, wrinkles removal, cellulite reduction and so on.

Technical parameter:
Voltage; 220V±10%; 110V±10%
Frequency: 60Hz; 50Hz
Power: 12V
Output current: 100mA
Radio frequency: 80~100KHz
Output voltage: 20~36V
Package: 10cm*8cm*5cm
G.W: 0.5KG 

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