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PT1 Prof Pressotherapy with Infrared

Item No.: PT1
Description:1.Desktop model 2.User friendly,easy to operate 3.18 air-chambers Pressotherapy with infrared heating function 4.9kinds system programmed modes of massage ways 5.Adjustable User Mode makes personalized professional operation available 6.hand-held emergency stop switch for safety consideration 7.8 inches touch screen control system 8.system with pump protection measure 9.Parts:left foot,right foot,left leg,right leg, abdomen,left arm and right arm 10. Inflate,deflate and maintain the pressure of air-bags available 11.Latest version, human design unique in pressotherapy series
Product Description
Presotherapy is a physical therapy consisting in a neumatic draining of edemas that may cause weight gain, and reduces water retention.
The treatment is performed by enclosing the limb to be treated in a boot, sleeve or girdle formed by a double wall compartmented into different pneumatic chambers. With the aid of a compressor, air is blown into these chambers at the correct dosage rate so a controlled pressure is applied on the limb producing the therapeutic effects of the treatment。
With assist of the apparatus, beauticians adopt several basic techniques as circling and steering massage, so it can improve blood circulation and toxin excreted to make capillary passable.  Pressotherapy (lymph edema compression therapy system ) promotes the circulation of blood and lymph and makes patient's leg or arm having various edema or troubles recovered by stimulating the muscular organization, by repeating the contraction-expansion program that pumps and deflates air through each chamber of the cuff.
This unit is the advanced/high level air pressure lymphatic drainage massage instrument. The main role is for the whole body pressure massage and whole body lymph detoxification. It’s the latest version of similar instruments. It does whole body massage detoxification and separate massage detoxification of feet, legs, thigh, abdomen or arms, very unique in design (this one is the  big  different with similar instrument).At the same time, the instrument combines infrared heating at 36V safety voltage output, just like adding wings to a tiger.
1. Reduces water retention
2. stimulates blood & lymph circulation
3. eliminates toxins and relaxes tired legs
4. Treat oedema and oedematous cellulite.
5. Provide a great sensation of rest and lightness in the legs
6. Relax muscle
7. Body slimming and skin rejuvenation
8. Relax and promote immunity
.9. Lead in medicine, stimulate skin and enhance absorption and reinforce healing effect
10. Antiphlogosis, tranquilization.
Technical Parameters:
Voltage:AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60HZ
Wattage rating:350W
Pressure energy:≤27.0 Kpa
Output voltage:DC 36V (to heating)
Display screen:8inches touch screen,TFT 65K color,800×600 resolution,
Size of Machine Package: :65cm*38cm*29cm(L*W*H)
Size of accessories’package:
Package size:85cm*45cm*21cm(L×W×H)
G.W:11 Kg 

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