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VT-704 RF Reshaping Force

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Description:1.innovative combination of monopolar radio frequency and vacuum 2.User friendly,easy to operate 3.3pcs Korea Vacuum-assisted RF electrode heads for body 4.3pcs korea monopolar RF electrode heads for face and neck 5.Effective in slimming&skin care
Product Description
It is the newest and most advanced, non-ablative radio frequency system.
It’s an innovative combination of monopolar radio frequency and vacuum, which positions the skin at the treatment site within the electrode.It delivers radio frequency deep into the dermas with the unique Vacuum-assisted monopolar RF probe. The system target and heat the dermis to induce collagen contraction. Heating of the dermis causes collagen denaturation and immediate collagen contraction in addition to long-term collagen remodeling. The system treats the skin by effecting heat-induced collagen contraction and subsequent remodeling during the months after treatment.RF energy offers a treatment alternative that has not only been proven to promote collagen contraction and remodeling but also is not scattered by epidermal constituents.
RF energy and vacuum mechanism increase metabolism, accelerate blood circulation and increase blood flow, effective for body and facial slimming and shaping.
A combined vacuum-assisted monopolar RF system takes maximum advantage of both vacuum and RF technologies to achieve the desired clinical effect. The electro-mechanical synergy system have proven to be safe, effective, reliable and user friendly. 

Acne control
Facial slimming&contouring
Double chin removel
Dark circle, Eyes pouch
Breasts lift&care
Wrinkles removal
Scalp care
Skin whitening and freckle removal
Skin tightening&Skin laxity treatment
Pores shrinkage
Skin rejuvenation
Skin lifting
Buttocks, arms, legs,back and abdomen care
Body slimming&contouring

 Technical Parameters
Electric stimulation method  Capacitance transmission 
Frequency  30,000Hz/500.000Hz 
Internal voltage  1000-1200V 
Capacitance  150-250W 
Energy generation principle  From current to biocurrent 
Temperature of biological heat  42-45℃ 
Depth of heat transmission  Deep Heat(Max10cm-25cm) 


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