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GS8.1 Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine

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Description:1.M80(40KHz) cavitation probe 2.M50(80KHz) fat explosion probe 3.4X (4pcs pads of 1MHz) fat-oriented explosion 4.10inch color touch screen 5.user friendly,good result 6.cost effective, high return in investment 7.CE approved
Product Description

Vacuum Ultrasound Cavitation Body Slimming Machine can promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite, tighten the skin, strengthen the skin elasticity and so on. Its effect will last for a long time.  Meanwhile, it can enhance the elasticity of muscle and improve the metabolism of cells.
Ultrasonic wave create an effect like internal explosion. It means that the expansion and compression of the wave produce a lot of tiny space inside the liquid and there are gas and vapour existing in these tiny space. In the compression of cycle, ultrasonic wave impose a positive pressure on liquid molecule, whereas a negative pressure will be created through the expansion cycle. There is a cohesion effect inside the liquid and biological tissues. Inside the low-density lipocyte, the cohesive effects are comparatively weak. A negative pressure, which is relative low, can create tissue gaps easily. It is called as "cavitations" in physics. The explosion effects inside and outside the cells will increase the molecular movements, so as to achieve an high energy state, then lead to the lipocyte cracking.
Eliminate surplus fat and shape body;
M80( 40KHz) explode fat or fat-soluble therapeutic head;
M50(80KHz)explode fat therapeutic head;
4X (1MHz) can be fixed parts explode fat therapeutic head;
Soft light and vacuum(0.1MPa) supersonic(1MHz) fat-soluble therapeutic head;
1. Weight loss, body slimming
2. Reduce cellulite
3. Body sculpting
4. Skin tightening
5. Fat dissolving
6. Strengthen skin elasticity
7. Promote the metabolism
8. Promote lymphatic circulation
Techinical Parameters:
Voltage supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz; AC110V±10%, 60Hz
Output power:  350W
10.4 inch color touch screen
Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz/80KHz /1MHz
Vacuum pressure: 0.1Mpa(Maximum)
Meas. of package: 125.5cm*55cm*58cm
GW: 65KG, NW: 40KG 


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