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VT-504 Super Slim Fly Action

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Description:1.Luxury design 2.reliable system and obvious results 3.Pre-set programs for different treatments 4.Combined technologies:cavitation,infrared,RF and vaccum 5.User friendly,easy to operate 6.Touch screen control 7.No pain, no downtime, non-invasive
Product Description

Super Slim Fly Action, a combination of cavitation, far infrared, bipolar RF and vacuum, can improve the fluid flow between cells, dissolve fat, promote metabolism, helpful for firming and body shaping. It can even resolve the most stubborn adipose tissue.

Perfect combination of RF system, ultrasound, numerical control rhythmic negative pressure and far infrared makes the equipment the terminator of slimming machine. 



1、Safe and no pain or no discomfort.
2、Can be used on any part of body where fat accumulates
3、High-tech product, safe and easy to operate
4、Maintain good effect for long time after the treatment.
5、Intellective touch screen and pre-set treatment Parameters
6、Energy accurately controlled for different treatments.
7、Ultrasound works only on low density fat tissue, and protect the high density tissue from damage.
8、The numerical control rhythmic mode is different from the single negative pressure mode. It is clinically proven that different rhythmic mode on different part is more effective and efficient.
(1)Cellulite reduction
(3)Firm up, stretch marks removal
(4)Body sculpture (local and systemic)
(5)Promote gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation
(6)Pain relief, muscles relaxation
(7)Improve microcirculation,eliminate edema
(8)Skin brightening, smoothening, skin whitening, skin rejuvenation
(9)Skin elasticity enhancement
(10)Anti-wrinkle, double chin, anti-aging
Technical Parameters:
Service voltage:220V +10%/-20%     Power rating:  200W
Service frequency:50Hz               Safety fuse:  6A
Dimensions with packaging:560mm (L)* 550mm(W)* 1265mm(H)        
Gross weight :54KG 


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