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VT-603 Desktop Ultrasonic Cavitation

Item No.: VT-603
Description:1.Table top ultrasonic cavitation 2.Combined with LED, effective for rejuvenation 3.Ergonomically designed handpieces 4.Easy grip and smooth operation 5.8 inch Colorful digital touch screen 6.Intuitive interface for easy operation 7.Preset output level 8.Automated preset pulse 9.Optimal treatment by shot(focusing) and Continous(Rubbing) Mode 10.top-class fat Reduction&cellulite treatment experience 11.Obvious and longlasting treatments results 12.High&fast return in investment
Product Description
 Ultrasonic Cavitation/ Ultralipo
                                              Fat Reduction&Cellulite Treatment   
                    Non-invasive&Non Surgical Intensive Lipoplasty with ultrasonic cavitation 

PDT red light /640nm High-energy narrow-spectrum red light generate the Photochemical reaction which faster the metabolism hyperplasia, promote the liposuction of fat, removing cellulite, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen detoxification and lift your soft and flabby muscle.  

Cavitation is a process of ultrasounds to generate micro-cavities(bubbles) which grow up until implosion.
Through the continuing implosion, the bubbles emit pressure wave in the liquids, which stimulates the activity between the adipocytes and the intercellular liquids, disintegrates the fat cells membrane. 

Stimulating continuously with strong cavitation pressure wave leads to disrupt the emulsion and triglyceride contents in adipocytes. The released fatty acids are cleared by endogenous processes.
Liposlim safely eliminates localized fat with the ultrasonic cavitation wave length of 43KHz& 32KHz. The automated menu options with pre-set pulsed waves are the best suited to treat various area of body. 

Cavitation/Ultralipo Effects:
1)、Thermal effect
Blood circulation
Lymphatic drainage
2)、Chemical Effect
Chemical reaction
Collagen regeneration
Skin P.H. balancing
ATP activities 
3 )、Mechanical Effect
Massaging effect
Fibroblast activities
Elasticity of skin texture
Softens connective tissue
  • Non invasive application without anesthesia
  • Effective with complete safety, with no pain
  • Exclusive technology,combining 43kHz, 32kHz Frequency cavitation with 640nm red photon rejuvenation
  • 15~20mins. Short treatment time with long lasting results
  • Suitable to treatment targeted areas by 2 handpieces
  • Easy treatment by automated pulse options
  • Versatile application and mobility by portable size 
  • Smallest and portable with 10 pounds, convenient to carry, one must portable cavitation machine for home use and SPA
  • 43kHz, 32kHz function can be controlled by one button, easy for beautician 
  • Time and intensity can be adjusted according to different demand  

1.43KHz ultralipo handpiece dispels and eliminates fat cells. Used to treat larger and wider area
2.32KHz ultralipo handpiece reduces fat cells and tightens skin. Used to treat smaller and targeted area
3.640nm red photon improves circulation, facilitates the flow of blood, assists to cavitation in body shaping and firming.

Techinical Parameters:
Handpieces                        63 ø , 38 ø
Ultrasonic Frequency        43 KHz, 32KHz
Output Power                     50 Watt
User Interface                    8inch touch screen
Weight / Dimensions        7.9Kg / 50cm*42cm*49.5cm  


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