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VT-805 Homse use Mini RF

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Description:1.Home use 2.User friendly,easy to operate 3.Elegant design and vogue appearance 4.LED decorated casing 5.2pcs Bipolar RF electrode heads 6.Cost effective 7.safe,non-invasive,good results
Product Description

Skin’s elasticity comes from the collagen fiber inside dermis, which forms the trestle of skin. The busyness and weariness from overwork accompanied with the person’s decrepitude, decrease the secretion of the skin collagen, make the young and delicate skin become flabby and dry, cause wrinkles and muddy complexion etc. In order to keep the youth of the skin, you have to increase the collagen inside. The radio frequency system, which adopts electrode treatment heads, generates electric wave to heat up the dermis directly and stimulate the production of collagen. The collagen is the motivity which maintains skin elasticity and vitality, while heating the dermis will cause collagen reproduction and reconstruction. Continuous heat will make the skin tighten and free of wrinkles.
1.Outstanding and satisfactory effects of Bipolar radio frequency
2.Safe and comfortable feeling by skin sensor and matching system.
3.Intemal inspection and calibration system ensure SRF-10 stable
4.Smaller, smarter and cost effective RF device for home use skin care.
5.Safe and easy to use
6. Portable and low power consumption 
Effects by short term treatment
1. Increase blood circulation and metabolism
2. Improve absorption of cream and lotion
3. Decrease acne
Effects by long term treatment
4. Tighten skin and remove fine wrinkles
5. Stimulate collagen cells and increases skin flexibility.
6. Shrink large pores
7. Reshape the outline of face.
8. Whiten skin
9. Acne treatment
Technical parameters
RF frequency:1.7Mhz-2.3Mhz
RF energy output: 2-8w
Power consumption: 30W
Weight: 0.8Kg
Dimension: 208mmx205mmx72mm
Rated voltage:AC90-240V,50-60hz  

Operation steps 

1、Place the device on flat floor
2、Insert a bipolar electrode head into the handle. Connect power line and handle well.
3、Turn on power switch. The indicator lamp on device blinks 3-4times accompanying signal sounds. This is a procedure for self-diagnostics.
4、Applying gel( at 2-3mm t thickness) on area to be treated by around 2time pumping and adjust proper energy level on area to be treated.
5、After finishing level setting, start to operate with the treatment methods picture for reference. When gel gets dried during operation and the movement of handle is not smooth, please apply gel again and operate it.
6、Move handle slowly to the area as shown in reference picture. Please don’t stay in the treated area without moving. When the electrode of handle doesn’t touch the treated area, indicator lamp on device becomes green with signal sound while it is switched to waiting mode. When the electrode touch the skin again, it returns to operate mode.
7、After finishing operation on gel-applied areas, proceed to operate other areas as foregoing methods.
8、Remove gel on treated area after operation with hot tower and remove gel remanet at handle and electrodes with warm towel.
9、Apply ampoule essence or cream on skin after operation to improve the skin more. It’s recommended to apply UV block lotion on skin after operation if need to go out. 


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