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VT-803 Radio Frequency System

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Description:1.Portable 2.User friendly 3.Multi-language available 4.2pcs bipolar RF probe with different sizes 5.1pc tripolar RF probe 6.8inch touch screen display 7.variable RF frequency:1MHz/3MHz/10MHz 8.CE approved
Product Description

Skin’s elasticity comes from the collagen fiber inside dermis, which forms the trestle of skin. The busyness and weariness from overwork accompanied with the person’s decrepitude, decrease the secretion of the skin collagen, make the young and delicate skin become flabby and dry, cause wrinkles and muddy complexion etc. In order to keep the youth of the skin, you have to increase the collagen inside. The radio frequency system, which adopts electrode treatment heads, generates electric wave to heat up the dermis directly and stimulate the production of collagen. The collagen is the motivity which maintains skin elasticity and vitality, while heating the dermis will cause collagen reproduction and reconstruction. Continuous heat will make the skin tighten and free of wrinkles.
Safe, effective and natural result
Friendly design, easy to operate
Elegant design and vogue appearance
Frontier technology, better treatment result
Portable design
High energy output,better and longer lasting result
Fine wrinkles removal
Skin tightening and whitening
Skin laxity treatment
Skin lifting
Detoxification and keep the skin healthy
Face reshaping
Body contouring
Pores shrinkage, flexibility enhancing and skin luster
Breasts lifting
Hand Care
Acne scar treatment

Technical Parameters
*2pcs bipolar RF Probes of 2 different sizes
*1pc Tripolar RF
*Pulse type: continuous/pulse
*Frequency:1/3/10MHz  Variable frequency
*Display:8.0inch touch screen display
*Voltage:220V±10%, 50Hz
*Certifications:CE LVD,CE EMC
*Pakcge size:38*32*24cm


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