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VT-YL03 Q-switch ND YAG Laser/Carbon Laser

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Description:1.Q-switch ND:YAG Laser&Carbon Laser 2.Super nm(nanometer)multi-layer skin rejuvenation 3.new multi-functional model 4.light-focused lens 5.Safe and non-invasive 6.Quality product &high performance ratio
Product Description
  1. Super nm(nanometer)multi-layer skin rejuvenation: Equipped with super tiny nm(namometer) carbon penetrated skin, carbon laser can accelerate collagen albumen reorganization, meanwhile, this kind of technology can remove extra fat and recover elasticity, shrink pores and skin-tightening.
  2. The new multi-functional model: the unique 300ms of long pulse laser breaks through Q-switched technology to achieve skin shrinking and get obvious treatment results.
  3. The breakthrough light-focused lens: changing the original uneven light beam transmission resulting in uneven treatment result into this kind of new special focus lens which can assure the penetration ability and treatment results.
  4. Safety and non-invasive: optical burst for wrinkle removal belongs to the non-invasive cosmetic technology, which will not cause scab, no bleeding, no pain, no adverse reaction and side effect.
  5. Quality product &high performance ratio: It’s widely applicable for the public. The machine is durable and reliable, ensured 200,000 times beam of light transmitting, long working hours without stop. Daily maintenance is simple, and operation only requires minimal technical training.

  1. Promote facial tendering and whitening
  2. Eliminate or lightening telangiectasia
  3. Remove for lighten pigment spot
  4. Amend tiny veins, enhance skin elasticity
  5. Shrink pores
  6. Remove blackhead
Technical Parameters
Laser Wavelength: 1064nm/ 532nm
Maximum Output Laser Energy: 1000MJ
Pulse Width(Q-switch): ≤10ns
Treatment Area: 0.5-8mm
Light Guide Mode; hand-handle laser gun
Screen Display: 7inch color touch LCD
Power Supply: AC220V±10%/5A/50Hz;
Meas. of Package: 125cm*58cm*62cm 
G.W:  89kgs

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