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VT-ELR01 E-light Laser Bipolar RF Machine

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Description:1.Multi-functional platform:E-light+Bipolar RF+ Q-swiched NG:YAG laser 2.Real professional 10MHZ RF technology 3.Three different handpieces 4.Special epidermal cooling skill 5.Water cooling+ Air cooling+ Semiconductor cooling 6.Comfortable,safe, reliable and effective 7.cost effective
Product Description
ELR01 is an all around multi-functional platform, applying the latest core technique(E-light, RF, YAG laser) of the medical cosmetology. It integrates the three systems, an E-light(IPL+RF) system, a RF system and a YAG laser system all together on one platform.
1. Real professional 10MHZ RF technology;
2. Multi-functions with one set machine, three different handpieces with various functions:
Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vascular therapy, pigmentation therapy and acne therapy.
3. Special epidermal cooling skill can ensure a safe treatment
4. With replaceable professional multi-wavelength filter insert in the E-light handle, it can realize precision in treatment;
5. Intelligent color operating system, visual and easy to operate.
6. The capacity of cooling water tank up to 11 liters, allows continuous work for a long time;
7. Cooling system more human design, to ensure the machine longer life and better stability;
1., Wrinkles removal:
2. Skin rejuvenation: skin tightening, skin lifting, skin whitening, shrink pores and improve skin flexibility, elasticity and skin tone.
3. Pigmentation therapy
4. Hair removal
5. Acne therapy: Improve oily skin, kill acne bacilli.
6. Vascular lesions (telangiectasis) treatment
7. Endogenous melanin: nevus of Ota(birthmark),dermis spots, age spots and freckle etc.
8. Exogenous melanin: a large area of tattoo, embroider eyebrow, Eyeliner Tattoo, and traumatic pigmentation etc;
9. Carbon laser skin rejuvenation: pigmentation removal, skin whitening, pores-shrinkage, and blackheadsremoval etc.
Technical Parameters

RF Energy 10MHZ RF Duration Time 1000-8000ms
Three handles E-light(IPL+RF) Handpiece
Bipolar RF Handpiece
Laser Handpiece
E-light filters 480-1200nm   530-1200nm   585-1200nm   640-1200nm
Size of Bipolar RF  Treatment Head 10mm  18mm  32mm Transmission System Sapphire Coupling
Light Source Intense Pulse Light Pulse Width: 1.0~9.9ms
Pulse intermission 10~99ms Pulses 1-6T
Energy Density:
2---50J/cm² RF Energy Density: 10---50J/ cm²
Spot size 8×40 mm   

Repeat frequency

IPL Power: 1250W Safe Specification Max 10a
Laser Type Q-switch, ND: YAG solid state laser (belonging to 4 class lasers) Laser
Energy Density
(single pulse)
(double pulse)
Laser Wavelength 1064nm   532nm
Black carbon 1064 head
Laser Pulse Mode Q-switch
Pulse Width
6ns-8ns Laser
FluenceSet Range
Pulse Frequency
1Hz~6Hz LaserPower 350W
Cooling System: Water cooling+ Air cooling+ Semiconductor cooling Power Source AC220V±10%/50Hz  AC110V±10%/60Hz
Meas. of package 73×69×134(cm) Gross Weight 60kg

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