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M8+2 Vacuum Cavitation with Photon Mechnical Roller Liposuction System

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Description:1.Slimming system with LPG rollers and cavitation 2.luxury design, cellulite reduction expert 3.Vacuum massage therapy 4.ultrasound cavitation fat explosion 5.BIO Photondynamic acceleration 6.Mechanical energy 7.8inch color touch screen, user friendly
Product Description

M8+2 Vacuum Cavitation with Photon Mechnical Roller Liposuction System uses micro-computer control technology (AVR micro-computer chip) to control the roller reciprocating. Precise mechanics and vacuum suction and laser optical fiber and 40KHz strong blast wave therapeutic head design, increase deep stubborn fat decomposition capacity; all parts of the body repeat rhythmic type of deep massage. The epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat layer take advantage of the pulse roller and stretch the connective fibers into the different cortex, through three different directions to massage the body back and forth , which can effectively decompose and break up the subcutaneous fat corporations, preventing the accumulation of cellular organization.  The fat cells in the backlog are massaged into fatty acid which will be metabolized through the lymphatic system, and the toxin in fat is also discharged out through lymphatic system, achieving the purpose of slimming body.

The machine is the materialization of a new concept in integral aesthetic treatments. It combines three most effective therapies in the treatment of cellulite and obesity.  It presents a renewal design and incorporates the latest technologies and improves the equipment effect.  The new 8-inch full color touch screen allows a better interaction with the equipment through an enhanced interface.

This machine applies three powerful therapeutic heads: big Vacuum and BIO photon for body, Cellular Micro-massage (Ultrasound), and small Vacuum and BIO photon for face.  And each one is designed to achieve a specific therapeutic result.  Utilizing the face and body apparatus ensures Professional effect in the combat of cellulite. 
Ultrasound Cavitation
40 KHz ultrasound therapeutic head is used for heating up the connective tissue to help reduce localized fat and orange peel. It can penetrate into 5CM of the dermis to break up the stubborn cellulite.   The ultrasound helps to break up nodules and adherences and can also be used as a complement in firming therapies.  The Cellular Micromassage is performed with the application of ultrasonic waves the act at a molecular level collaborating with the lipoclastic process and preventing the fibrosis of the tissues.
VDM consists in the suction and mobilization of the tissues in the treated area, achieving an increment of up to 300% in local blood circulation.  This action allows the decrease of edema, corporal modeling and decrease of fatty tissues.  The dermis Therapy or VDM (Vacuum – dermo - mobilization) allows, through the vacuum generated inside the ergonomical design treatment head, the reorganization of the connective tissue, re-establishing the skin balance and increasing the lymphatic and blood circulation.
Three Operating Therapeutic heads as the followings:
1. Two Vacuum negative pressure therapeutic heads including three colors BIO photon (Red, Blue and Green); One is for body, and one is for face;
2. 40 KHz Ultrasound wave therapeutic head;
Three key programs
B1: Internal rolling for body slimming: that is front axle clockwise + rear axle counter clockwise;
B2: Extrorse rolling to tighten skin: that is front axle counter clockwise + rear axle clockwise;
B3: Antrorse rolling to shape body: that is front and rear axle rolling clockwise;
2.  Twenty seven deep rhythm programs: P1-P9 + B1-B3;
3.  Direct speed and fiber: The combination of up to 600 kinds of programs;
4.  Intelligent expert memory: In accordance with the process, parameters can be used to start the expert parameter memory;
5.  Strong blast wave design: 40KHz strong explosion wave technology for stubborn fat of some parts of body;
6.  Low-noise technology: dual-pump of well known plants, low-noise technology, low noise and strong suction function;
7.  Vacuum negative pressure, rhythm and fiber-optic synchronous technology
Technical Parameters
Voltage: AC110V±10%,60Hz; AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Power: 650W;
Physical technologies: mechanical energy; vacuum negative pressure; optical fiber; ultrasonic cavitation;
Load moment: 5000 G/CM;
Vacuum negative pressure :> 500MBAR;
Optical Fiber: < 5mW;
Ultrasound Frequency: 40KHz; 


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