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VT-C05 Desktop Cryolipolysis RF Cavitation Slimming Machine

Item No.: VT-C05
Description:1. Desktop Cryo Multiplar RF Cavitation Slimming Machine 2. Three probes(Standard): Cavitation Probe Cryolipolysis probe/small, Cryolipolysis probe/big(Optional) Multipolar RF probe 3. Coolshaping with LED, Cavitation and RF with LED 4. 8inch LCD touch screen 5. Cost-effective 6. High-return investment 7. CE approved
Product Description
C05 System is the proven solution for body reshaping to eliminate fat cells from advanced integrated technology. This system provides 3 major functions as Coolshaping with LED, Cavitation and RF with LED specialized for professional body sculpting treatment.

CoolShaping function is an advanced fat cell elimination system via Cryo, Vacuum and LED technology in the integrated technology. The built-in temperature control circuitry makes a stable target temperature and Vacuum and LED effectively enhance the treatment result.
The cryo temperature can be adjusted from to -14°C-15°C. This system has been proven safe treatment of fat cell elimination, there are no damage in nerves, blood vessels and other tissues because the maximum cryo temperature affect to only fat cell apoptosis. Generally, a single coolshaping treatment is in procedure for an hour.

Cryolipolysis Applicator
  • Integrated Technology by Cryo, Vacuum and LED Technologies
  • Strong cryo performance (maximum -14°C)
  • 10 levels adjustment
  • Enhances safety and delivers effective results
Cavitation is based on the increase in the equivalent attenuation coefficient of the tissue in the presence of the bubbles created by cavitation, and the cavitation affects fat cells at a greater depth.

Cavitation Applicator
  • Powerful cavitation performance
  • Stable & effective 40KHz frequency
  • 3 pulse modes
  • Effective in eliminating fat and cellulite
Multi-Polar Radio Frequeny
Multi-Polar RF delivers regular RF thermal energy into dermal and fat layer, and involves applying electromagnetic waves to return physiological processes. The RF energy helps to remove local fat and promotes metabolism and lymphatic drainage.

Multi-Polar Applicator
·Multi-polar RF (1MHz)
·RF Thermal energy with electro-magnetic energy
·Wide treatment head
·Fat reduction and Cellulite improvement
·Body reshaping / Contouring
·Promote metabolism
·Skin tightening
Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 110V±10%/60Hz,220V±10%/50Hz
Power:  <500w
RF frequency: 1MHz
Cavitation frequency: 40KHz
Pressure output :0-900Kpa
Wavelengh of Red light: 492-455nm
Display:8inch LCD touch screen
Meas. of package: 57cm*49.5cm*61.5cm
G.W: 22kgs
Package material: Aluminum alloy box
Anti-freeze membrane: 50pcs
1pc big Cryolipolysis+Vacuum
1pc small Cryolipolysis+Vacuum

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