Qualified Overseas Sales Representative Wanted

1. Collect, analyze the market information and improve the management of new equipment overseas sales.
2. Improve and manage customer data, establish win-win business cooperation and strive for faithful, steady and high quality relationship.
3. Answer queries honestly, efficiently & professionally.
4. Give feedback to our related people on customers’ technical demands, leadtime demand, and unconventionality business content.
5. Negotiate and sign the contract, include the terms of payment and shipment method, etc.
6. Communicate with other related responsible staff and hand in the order requests to make sure of accuracy, timeliness and success in the production course.
7. Achieve or exceed the sales targets
1) Associate degree or above.
2) Proficient in computer and has basic PC skills - Excel/Word/PowerPoint/File management
3) Proficient in English(CET 4 and proficient in listening, writing and speaking) and mandarin.
4) Good communication skills and interpersonal skills
5) Good execution
6) Responsible, honest and trustworthy
7) Good at teamwork, with service awareness, can work under the pressure


1) Excellent English & Chinese - both written and oral
2) A quick learner and prepare to devote long term career in an arm of a sizeable manufacture company
3) Candidate who has a ready list of clients with firm contacts who can be brought on board quickly is an advantage

Payment & Shipping